Static Electricity

Static electricity often happens when you rub things together. Have you ever rubbed a balloon against wool and then place the balloon against your hair? Did your hair stand up? Well, you just witnessed static electricity!

This occurs because the balloon starts off with a balance amount of electrons. Once the balloon comes into contact with the wool material, the wool material shares it's electrons with the balloon. Have you ever felt the feeling of being full because you ate WAAAAY to much food at Thanksgiving? Well, that is how the balloon feels after rubbing against the wool material. The balloon is full of electrons, just like how you might be full if you ate an ENTIRE turkey!! The balloon decides that feeling full isn't a good feeling and needs to get rid of the electrons. So when you place the balloon to your hair and your hair rises, that is the balloon sharing it's electrons with your hair.

static electricity is electricity produced by friction

Below is a recorded static electricity using Rice Krispies! No, there is no milk or sugar added in this experiment. Although, if you want to try this experiement at home, here is what you will need:

- Rice Kripies ( Corn Flakes will work well too)
- Plate of plexiglass, foot X foot or so.
- Wooden blocks, ceramic cups or something similar to balance the plate 1-3 inches above the table. Be sure that the table is non-metallic
- Wool sweater

- Have an adult supervise/assist you to be sure that you do not harm yourself.